Smorgasbrand is all about getting my backlog of ideas off my plate and into the world.

Incidentally: it's a very big plate.

When I say "I'm out to create a brand for every person on the planet," I think we all know that mortality will have a say in whether I reach that goal. But I have dozens of brands in the works. And, based on how my wackily-wired, one-of-a-kind mind works, dozens upon dozens more to come.

Why not join me on this unique journey? Of course, buy the Smorgasbrand originals you're keen on here, but also share with someone else when you see something they might like. Consider becoming a Smorgasbrand patron too. Be the first to know about launches and get exclusive discounts. That way, I'll get the boost needed to keep emptying my towering backlog of ideas onto more apparel and other buyables...until pretty much everybody can find something that will make their day, help them speak their mind, or elicit a chuckle from a passerby.

By the way, I'm also an award-winning advertising creator. Have been for 30 years. Check out my firm here.

So what are you waiting for? Dig in.