Why Buy From One Ordinary Guy?

You have billions of places out there to spend your money. Why consider spending some on me?


The concepts for every design for sale through this site originate from one place: my mind. In some instances I use properly licensed stock imagery to bring my ideas to fruition. And, yes, some designs are influenced by popular culture, but, as you've probably surmised, this site is all about my original ideas, not jumping on derivative bandwagons. In other words, when you buy a Smorgasbrand item, you're really buying a little piece of my brain. So that's neat. Squishy, but neat.  


I could throw a bunch of exclamation points and "BUY NOW"s at you to create a sense of urgency, but I'd rather state it plainly. Your purchase not only gets you one-of-a-kind wearable/displayable designs, it tells me to keep going. The few brands now available on Smorgasbrand.com are such a small slice of the full spectrum of other brands and creativity I plan to offer. So do BUY NOW, for an ever-growing cornucopia of unique designs, products and content later.  

Giving Back

Your early support of my products will also set the stage for a planned charitable component to Smorgasbrand. Stay tuned.


Not being overly pious here, just pointing out that pretty much everything available on Smorgasbrand.com is (and will be) "approved for most audiences." Maybe a few designs push the envelope a little, but I'm more interested in creating things that shock with their creativity and smarts, not their offensiveness.


Partnering with Teespring.com allows me to offer my designs on a wide array of mens, womens and kids t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and other apparel, plus mugs, phone cases, stickers and home goods...many in several colors to choose from. It helps you find precisely the merch that fits you, or the people you're shopping for.